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SanSha Digital Handling Technologies

We collaborate with diverse enterprise clients and technology providers, gaining insights into their digital transformation goals.

Our team of seasoned experts brings a wealth of experience and proficiency across a diverse spectrum of technologies. We foster collaborative, enduring relationships with all our clients, and our deep knowledge extends to Open Source technologies.

Amazon Web Services

AWS empowers businesses and individuals by hosting applications, securing data, and offering a wide variety of tools and services for managing IT resources.

Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure empowers businesses and developers to build, deploy, and manage applications seamlessly across various environments, backed by a robust suite of services and tools.

Windows Server Administration

Windows Server Administration involves setting up, maintaining, and optimizing Windows Server environments to ensure smooth operations for organizations and businesses.

Linux Server Administration

Linux administration ensures system stability, security, and efficient management of Linux-powered servers.


Docker handles the tedious setup, allowing developers to focus on writing code and creating portable, isolated containers for their applications.


DevOps empowers teams to collaborate, automate, and deliver better products faster, enhancing customer satisfaction and achieving business objectives.


Kubernetes empowers developers and operators to manage containerized applications seamlessly, regardless of infrastructure complexity.


CI/CD practices enhance development speed, reliability, and software quality, contributing to successful software delivery.


World’s leading platform for software development, collaboration, and security. It allows developers to create, store, manage, and share their code.


Java empowers developers to create versatile, platform-independent applications with a rich set of features and a strong community backing.


Python empowers developers across various domains, making it an excellent choice for both beginners and experienced programmers.


PHP empowers developers to create dynamic web applications and is widely used in various types of web projects.